Friday, 21 October 2016

Abstract Art

We were looking at abstract pictures and trying to find out what did they draw.We had to search up some abstract pictures then we had to search up who did it and what is his name.

What did they draw?
The person who did this draw goofy.

What are some themes from their artwork?they did lots of painting over it they even did heaps of colour's over it and they took like 5 weeks 

Where did the first abstract art come from?
The first abstract painting was made in 2003 by Boss Ross he was born 1988 and was born in Canada  
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Monday, 17 October 2016


This week in writing we had to write about adventure

Today I went on an adventure up north we had lots of fun in the car seeing lots of cool stuff like a waterfall. When we saw cars driving thru this drive way leading to the waterfall.we went to have a look at the people jumping of the waterfall when we went out of our car we looked at these people doing cool as stunts.

The really cool trick that i saw was a man doing a back flip off the water fall. After that we went for a swim i went to go inside and it was so deep that you couldn't even touch the ground when i was going towards the waterfall i saw people going under the waterfall then i went to try it out and it was so hard that you couldn't even keep your eyes open.

The water was always going into my eyes when it was getting dark i was this man lighting some fire works up into the air it was so loud when they were finished we saw the security saying that we have to get out cause they close at 8.30am.

When we got out we got changed and went into the car.and started to still carry on up north when we got there we got our stuff out of the car then we got ready to go to bed then when it was morning my Nan made us some scrambled eggs on toast with bacon.

When we finished break fast we went to help out around the house like doing the dishes and doing the beds after we were done we went for another adventure to look around when we were walking around we saw people rock climbing on the rocks.

When i saw a beach i went back to the car and told my cousin to get his stuff so we could go to the beach for a swim when my mum was trying to look for us she said we had to come back for lunch.So we go out then we got changed then when we came back we had chicken sandwich.

After i was finished eating my chicken sandwich i was waiting for my cousin to finish so we could go back but my mum said we had to have a break when we were waiting two minutes.we couldn't be bothered going so we went for a look around when it was getting dark.

I saw a van stopping at my nans house when they stopped at my Nans house it was my cousins when they got out my cousin asked if they wanted to play spot my cousin got the torch and we all had to hide from him.when he was finished counting to twenty.the first one person that he found first was my.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Tamaki Food Tech

Friday 14th October 2016

Today I got ready to go to Tamaki We were doing cocking with miss Tuipolotu and she was teaching us how to do chocolate chip cookies.when we went in side we had to put our bags in this room then when we put our bags in to the room we had to get a apron.

The ingratiates that we had to use was butter sugar and egg when we mixed it all up it looked like cream but yellow when we put the flour in we sired it up then it went harder and harder when we took it out it was soft when we touched it.

Then we broke it up in to nine pieces for me and Moses and Taki when it was all broken up in to nine pieces we rolled it up into Little pieces when it was ready to put it into the oven we got the tray then we put the cookies on to the tray.When we put it in the oven we were looking at the cookies and we could see that is was getting bigger and bigger.

When they were in the oven we were cleaning the dishes when we were finished doing our dishes we went to have a look on our cookies when we looked at our cookies we saw that it still need a little bit time.when we went to check again they were ready.when i lifted the tray out of the oven it was hot.

After that we had a little taste off the cookie it was nice but miss Tuipolotu said we had to let it cool down so it doesn't brake fast cause it will be to soft but if you let it cool down then it will be kind of hard so it doesn't brake fast.

Then when the bell rang we put our chair in then we said bye to miss Tuipolotu after that we were just waiting for the Glenbrae kids to come out.when every on came out we went to walk back to 
Glenbrae school.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Today at kiwi can we were learning about respect other when we were finished doing respect other we went to play a new game called 4 corners.What you have to do is there will be two taggers and every one on one Conner when he says the Conner you have to try and run to the Conner that the tagger said if you get tagged you have to go to the side but your not aloud to go in to there square if you do then there not in.

But you have to let them have some space to run when we were finished playing we went back inside and went into a circle when we got into our circle we played some GKQ our buzzer was touch the ground then high five some one when we were finished playing we went to class.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Kiwi can

                               Thursday 11 August 2016

Today my class and I went to kiwi can for another lesson.when we got there we had to get in to four even line after when we were all seated down on the ground when he said kia orana. Then he said tell the person next to you were is that greeting from then I said to Jayden Maori or new Zealand.

After that we got in to our energizer our energizer was limbo.we had to get one hockey stick then our whole team has to go under then when your whole team has gone under the stick you have to put the stick lower.

when we were finished we had to get in to our four line after that Mr A said how can you be a roll model then then I said something that you can achieve on then Moses said keep on practising then Luisa said never giving up after we were done we went to class. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kiwi can

Thursday 4 August 2016

Today at kiwi can we had a new teacher because Ms Tuia and Mr Numia had a funeral and the new Teacher name is Afutoto or Mr A
When we had to get in to four even lines.The girls went first but they did not get in to even lines so Mr A said lets try the boy so the boys went and we all went in to four even lines after we all went in we sat down then he said aloha Rm seven then we had to say aloha kiwi can.

After that he said were language is it from then we had to say it to the person next to you then I said Hawaii then Jayden said Hawaii after that he said what is the topic Today then Levi G said resilience after that he said what dose it mean never giving up and bouncing back.After that he said what is our theme then mateaki said goal settings then Mr A said what dose goal settings mean then Moses says achieving something then Luisa said getting a goal.

After talking on to the mat we got up to play a game of rock paper scissors what you have to do you have to get one peg and put it any were on your clothes after that you have to try and bet them if you win you get their peg if you lose your peg you can still vs people even if you don't have a peg after we were done winning peg we had to see how much we had.

I had four and Moses got six after that we played the same game but who ever has the lowest points is. Eliminated when we got to the last five they all ways had one then Mr A said its a tie then we had to get into a circle of gkq after we were done gkq we went to class.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kiwi Sport Volley Ball

Today Room 7 went to kiwi sport and learned how to play volley ball.First of all we lined up out side to get ready at the courts Then we went to This lady and she said her name was Antonia. Then she taught us how to hit the ball with two hands then we had to pick one partner my partner was Mafoa after that we went to get one ball each after we got our ball.

We went on the last court when I served the ball to him he hit the ball with two hands after we kept on playing then miss Antonia blow the whistle then she said come in every one then we all came in but some students were not listening then she said if your left hand then you have to take one step to the right then one step two the left then put both legs together then jump up and try and spike. After we kept on learning how to spike 

she blow her whistle again then she said come in after we all came she said you have to get in to 2 groups.So it was me Mafoa Levi G and Lio when we got in to the group we had two pass the ball twice then spike the ball when we were spiking the ball Levi g thrower the ball up in to the air then Lio spiked it to the. 

Ground and it bounced to the ground and it went up in to the air then I hit it then Mafoa spiked it after we all had a turn spiking miss blew her whistle after we went up to her we saw the other class Then we all said thank you then we went to class.